The beginning of Dalmatian trail league 2018 – 6th Imbertrek

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The past Saturday, or to be more precise, the 10th of March, was the day that marked the official beginning of Dalmatian Trail League. Dalmatian Trail League consists of 10 races in total and Imbertrek is the first of them. The league was first time held in 2014 when it was called Spring Trekking Cup and consisted of only 3 races. In 2017th the race was renamed and with each new year, it becomes increasingly more popular as well as trail running in general.

This years race was a complete success with good weather and over 550 contestants – trekkers, that were offered to choose from 3 different race categories/lengths set by the organizer of the race: small – 6km, middle – 17km and large – 30km.

If you haven’t already, be sure to register for the following races as they present a great opportunity not just to test your physical ability but also to enjoy the wonderful nature surrounding you and to spend a fun they outdoor among like-minded people.

You can check the precise dates of the upcoming races on the Dalmatian trail league official site: