18th Split Half Marthon

Photo credit: http://splitmarathon.com/en/archive/

Split Half Marathon was held in 2001 for the first time, making this year’s event, taking place from the 23rd till 25th of February,  the 18th in a row.

In 2007 the marathon start and finish were moved from Marjan peninsula to Riva, contributing to the attractiveness of the whole event. The route itself has also changed throughout the years resulting in a more attractive one that now includes some of the most important sport and cultural sites across the town.

Besides the half marathon, 2 smaller races are taking place: the humanitarian 5 km End Polio Run and Dm Kids run for preschool and elementary school children.

As a part of the whole event, the popular Split mile – a walk for all interested around the Diocletian palace, is taking place for the 5th year in a row. The walk is organized in coordination with Anti-Cancer League and in order to raise public awareness for cancer.

Throughout the last 18 years, Split Half Marathon has become a true Split brand that attracts more and more visitors each year. This year there will be more than 3500 participants from over the 40 different countries.  We give our support to this both sporting and humanitarian event and invite all our fellow citizens to join us and participate whether as volunteers whether just showing their support and cheering for the numerous participants.