Photo credit: Adriabike

Besides Tour of Croatia, another unique race in the cycling world is taking place in Croatia for the third consecutive year. The name of this race is Mitas 4 Islands MTB Stage Race. The route of this race is connecting 4 host islands – Krk, Rab, Cres and Lošinj, has 4 stages and lasts 4 days. During those 4 days from the 19.04.2017. untill 22.04.2017. the competitors will pass around 270 km and climb up 5 000 meters with their mountain bikes.

The starting and the finishing point of the first stage was the city of Baška on the island of Krk from where the riders set off on a 65 km long route. The unfavorable weather conditions didn’t affect the race, allowing the competitors to succesfully finish the first stage. According to the Adriabike “It was sunny and windy around the start time in Baška, but unfavourable clouds anticipated possible weather change.  As the riders progressed through the wine yards, rocky trails and single trails, the Bora wind grew in force, helping the riders in some parts of the trails, blowing against them on the others.  A total of 1.660 meter of ascension was made difficult by gusts of wind hitting from the front. Riding through the unique moon surface terrain the wind changed direction, supporting the riders by blowing in their backs. Natural forces made their presence felt, a diverse spring day to start off the race. There weren’t many breaks in today’s course, making it a challenge and a great intro to the next couple of days.”

you can read more about the most successful ones in this year opening at the following link: https://www.adriabike.hr/en/uncategorized/mitas-4-islands-mtb-stage-race-day-one/